IT200: "Florence: Duomo at night"
IT201: "Duomo during the day (WC)"
IT202: "Florence: Duomo and rooftops (WC)"
IT203: "Florence: Lace"
ITL316: "The real art"
ITL317: Florence, San Giovanni Plaza church front
ITL318: Panoramic of Florence, Italy
ITL319: Florence, Italy - Ghiberti's doors
ITL320: Florence, Italy - Detail of Duomo
ITL321: Florence, Italy - Ponte Vecchio
IT208: "Florence: Ponte Vecchio"
IT204: "Artist"
IT205: "Serenade" (WC)
IT206: "Florence: crucifix inside Santa Maria Novella
IT207: "Italy: Morning necessity"
IT209: "Italy: table for two"
IT210: "Italy: blazing wall"
IT211: "Venice: stand guard"
IT212: "Venice: Lettere"
IT213: "Venice: Waterway"
IT214: "Venice: red violin mask"
IT215: "Venice: classic gondola shot"
IT216: "Venice: stand guard" (sketch version)
IT217: "Venice: posters on street"
IT218: "Venice: blue boat with St. Mark's lion"
IT219: "Venice: Bridge of sighs"
IT220: "Venice: Island of Burano"
IT221: "Venice: gondola in Grand Canal"
IT222: "Venice: gondola in waterway"
IT223: "Venice: gondola stand in Grand Canal"
IT224: "Venice: blue covered gondolas"
IT225: "Venice: Grand Canal, I"
IT226: "Venice: Grand Canal, II"
IT227: "Venice: selfie on the Grand Canal"
IT228: two lovers in boat at sunset"
IT229: "Venice: gondalier gets ready for the day"
IT230: "Venice: St. Maria of Salute Basilica at night"
IT231: Venice: St. Mark's lion flag hangs outside window"
IT232: "Venice: detail from one of St. Mark's basilica's doorways"
IT233: "Venice: St. Mark's Square"
IT234: "Venice" St. Mark's Basilica gold interior, I"
IT235: "Venice: St. Mark's Basilica gold interior, II"
IT236: "Venice: St. Mark's Basilica gold interior, III"
IT237: "Venice: Waterway"
IT238: "Venice: St. Maria of Salute"
IT239: "Venice: Focused"
IT309: "Venice: Girl feeding pigeons"
IT240: "Rome: wall with faux column"
IT241: "Rome: Opening"
IT242: Rome: arches"
IT243: "Rome: Colossus of Constantine"
IT244: "Rome: Colosseum"
IT245: "Rome/Vatican: copy of the discus thrower"
IT246: "Rome: Hercules"
IT248: "Roman Forum: Palatine hill"
IT247: "Roman Forum: Omen"
IT249: "Roman Forum: temple of Castor and Pollux"
IT250: "Roman Forum: Temple of Vesta"
IT251: "Rome: Italian light"
IT252: "Rome: Oculus in the Pantheon"
IT253: "Rome: Only in Italy"
IT254: "Rome: SPQR everywhere"
IT255: "Rome/Vatican: Sistene Chapel"
IT256: "Rome: Dome in St. Peter's Basilica"
IT257: "Rome: St. Peter's Basilica archway"
IT258: "Rome: St. Peter's Basilica side dome"
IT259: "Rome: St. Peter's Basilica Holy Spirit window"
IT260: "Italy: Vase with wine"
IT261: "Rome: Artist wares"
IT262: "Rome: Trajan's column"
IT263: "Rome: Trevi Fountain - Make a wish"
IT264: "Rome: 4 Rivers Fountain detail, Piazza Navonna"
IT265: "Rome: Umbella pines"
IT266: "Rome: Wall on the road to the Imperial Roman Forum"
IT267: "Rome: Roman rooftops"
IT268: "Rome: View from Capitoline"
IT269: "Italy: Bicycles"
IT270: "Bologna: Clock in Palazzo d' Accursio"
IT271: "Bologna: Chocolate food group"
IT272: "Bologna: Market"
IT273: "Bologna: market bounty"
IT274: "Bologna: Pies, Pies, Oh My!"
IT275: "Italy: Scooters are everywhere"
IT276: "Italy: Whie Vespa"
IT277: "Italy: Red and yellow tables"
IT278: "Italy: Trompe l'oeil"
IT279: "Bologna: Half wall"
IT280: "Italy: Painterly street scene"
IT281: "Italy: vibrant market"
IT282: "Ravenna: Modern mosaic shop"
IT283: "Ravenna mosaics - small mausoleum"
IT284: "Ravenna: 5th century mosaics"
IT285: "Ravenna: Nun in awe of San Vitale mosaics"
IT286: "Ravenna: Dome and arches"
IT287: "Ravenna: Dome, San Vitale"
IT288: "Ravenna: Detail, San Vitale Basilica"
IT289: "Ravenna: Main arch, San Vitale Basilica"
IT290: "Ravenna: San Vitale arch with dome"
IT291: "Ravenna: main arch mosaics, San Vitale"
IT292: "Ravenna: small church dome"
IT293: "Verona: outside wall in plaza"
IT294: "Verona: Juliet's balcony"
IT295: "Padua: Portico and pigeon"
IT296: "Italy: Opinions"
IT297: "Padua: pastel walkway"
IT298: "Italy: You are here"
IT299: "Italy: antique book store"
IT300: "Italy: dinner always looks like this"
IT301: "Italy: elevator math - who is on first?"
IT302: "Italy: Lovely storefront"
IT303: "Italy: Outside wall"
IT304: "Italy: Watermelon bike"
IT305: "Italy: 3 shelves of Italian ceramics"
IT306: "Italy: Italian ceramics"
IT307: "Italy: Italian ceramics"
IT308: "Italy: Carousel"
IT310: "Florence: Santa Maria Novella"
IT311: "Florence: 5 hearts"
IT312: Piazza San Giovanni
IT313: Florence: "Paintings everywhere"
IT314: "Florence: Table for two"
"3 vases and a lot of wine"
FR400 - Paris: Eiffel and Liberty
FR401 - Paris: Love locks
FR402: Paris: Metro fiddler
FR403 - Paris: Gigolo
FR404 - Giverny, France: Monet's drawing room
FR405 - Giverny, France: Monet's water pitcher
FR406: Flowers in Monet's dining room
FR407-Giverny, France: Monet's copper pots & pans
FR408: Monet's garden archway
FR409-Giverny, France: Monet's lily pond and bridge
FR410 - Paris: Detail of Monet mural
FR411 - Paris: Detail from Monet mural
FR412 - Paris: Detail from Monet mural
FR413 - Paris: Detail from Monet mural
FR414 - Paris: Detail from Monet mural
FR415 - Paris: Detail from Monet mural
FR416: Giverny, France: Chairs in church
FR417 - Paris: grapes at market
FR418 - Paris: Notre Dame (with crown)
FR419 - Paris: Notre Dame
FR420 - Paris, Notre Dame
FR421: Paris, Notre Dame: Nave w/ altar and people
FR422 - Paris: Arc d'Triomphe
FR423 - Paris: bird flight
FR424: Paris - Metro sketch
FR425: Cafe scene (Honfleur, France)
FR426: Carousel (Honfleur, France)
FR427: Gallery celebrates art! (Honfleur, France)
FR428: Missing pieces (Honfleur, France)
FR440: "Lady in Honfleur, France"
FR429: "Every square inch"
FR430: "Woman revealed" (Versailles, France)
FR431: Hall of Mirrors
FR432: King's gilded cage
FR433: Classical bust (Versailles, France)
FR434: "The Great Clock" (Rouen, France)
FR435: "Come on in!" (Rouen, France)
FR436: "Captive as captivating" (Rouen, France)
FR437: Twilight cathedral (Rouen, France)
FR438: Rouen Cathedral
FR438: Gothic window (Rouen, France)
FR439: "Flaubert, Verdi, Mortimer"
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