WH100: "Chiseled"
WH104: "Gray Mare herd kicks up the dust"
WH101: "Shalah's form"
WH102: "I am Shalah"
WH103: "Chief"
WH189: "Amante"
WH105: "Meeting"
WH106: Savannah
WH107: "Time to go, I"
WH108: "Time to go, II"
WH177: "Shalah's form"
WH109: "Lone mustang"
WH110: "Gentle Shalah"
WH111: "Wind of heaven"
WH112: Leading from behind"
WH113: "Adieu"
WH190: 3 wild Kiger dun mares run
WH191: Shalah turns her head
WH114: "Wild stallion run"
WH185: 4 up
WH115: "Freedom"
WH188: "Here we come"
WH116: "Six kiger mares"
WH117: "Chief's ladies"
WH118: "Stallion portrait"
WH119: "Challis herd runs free"
WH120: "Rare one"
WH121: "Break"
WH122: "One breaks away"
WH123: "Choctaw release"
WH124: "Sunset portrait"
WH125: "Gray power"
WH126: "Gray mare's sunset run"
WH127: "Horse study IV"
WH128: "Mane"
WH129: "Posse"
WH130: "Chief's ladies" (black and white hi-key version)
WH131: "Hilltop play"
WH132: "Together"
WH133: "Supremacy"
WH134: "Day in the life"
WH135: "Renaissance horse"
WH136: "Morning race"
WH137" "Point A to Point B"
WH138: "El Presidente's portrait"
WH139: "Correction"
WH140: "Curious"
WH141: "On alert"
WH142: "Bust loose"
WH143: "Close to you"
WH144: "Six stallions run"
WH145: "Wild spirit horse"
WH146: "Wild horses sunset run"
WH147: "Sunset dance"
WH148: "Gray mare at sunset"
WH149: "The gray mare"
WH150: "The gray mare turns her head"
WH151: "Mother and baby"
WH152: "Horse power"
WH153: "Into the hills"
WH154: "Who left the gate open?"
WH155: "Hart Mountain herd"
WH156: "In charge"
WH157: "The release, II"
WH158: "Going home"
WH159: "Cool"
WH160: "Mares enjoy the evening"
WH161: "Black beauty"
WH162: "Stallion power"
WH163: "Stallions' morning run"
WH164: "Three amigos"
WH165: "Here we come"
WH166: "Hill run"
WH167: "Pastoral"
WH168: "Head for the hills"
WH169: "Attitude"
WH170: "Alone"
WH171: "Fight"
WH172: "Tomahawk"
WH173: "Spirit horse"
WH174: "Over the hill"
WH175: "Love nibble"
WH176: "Leading from behind"
WH178: "Chief, II"
WH179: "Wild mane"
WH180: "Profiles"
WH181: "Two moms"
WH182: "Ends of the earth"
WH183: "Amante's arch"
WH184: 3 race on the hill
WH186: Cheekbone
WH187: "Adios"
WH192: 3 grey Challis herd horses run
WH193: "Protection"
WH194: "Gray Challis"
WH195: "Hell bent"
WH196: 5 from the Challis herd run together
WH197: "I am Cloe"
WH198: "End of the day"
WH199: "Desert horses"
WH200: "KC at 32"
WH201: "Take a bow"
WH202: "With the herd"
WH203: "Here come the Choctaws!"
WH204: "Thought"
WH205: "Shy"
WH206: "Hart Mountain stallion"
WH207: "Strike a pose"
WH208: "Barack"
WH209: "Chief's 3 Kiger mares"
WH210: "Mane II"
WH211: "Brothers three"
WH212: "Seven Choctaw run in the tall grass"
WH213: "Curls"
WH214: "Tail"
WH215: Cloe, close
WH216: Apollo
WH217: Swirling tail
WH218: Barack
WH219: Chief leads his ladies (color version)
WH220: Chief leads his ladies (BW version)
WH223: Breeze
WH224: Every which way
WH225: End of the day
WH226: Choctaw run
WH227: Choctaw in field
WH228: Wary
WH229: 5 white Choctaw
WH230: Tuck
WH231: Chief's ladies III
WH232: Heaven's horses
WH233: Dust drama
WH234: Portrait of Hart Mountain wild horse
WH235:  6 noses
WH600: "Sunset Dance #2"
WH601: Gray mare runs at sunset
WH602: Kickin' it up
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