WHP100: "Horse morning"
WHP101: "Hart Mountain Release"
WHP102: "Day is done"
WHP103: "Back atcha"
WHP145: "Hart Mountain Release" (monotone hi-key)
WHP104: "Sunset dance" (painterly version)
WHP105: "Galaxy horse"
WHP106: "Evening walk"
WHP107: "Kick it up a notch"
WHP108: "Leader"
WHP109: "Day in the life" (painterly version)
WHP110: "Renaissance horse"
WHP111: "Amante"
WHP112: "Black one"
WHP113: "Equine head turn"
WHP114: "Brothers"
WHP115: "Mr. Stinkeye"
WHP116: "R & R"
WHP117: "Horse dream"
WHP118: "Supremacy"
WHP119: "Checking it out"
WHP120: "Form"
WHP121: "Grazing"
WHP122; "War horse"
WHP123: "War horse, II"
WHP124: "Profile"
WHP125: "Mad dash"
WHP126: "Tail light"
WHP127: "Moon dream"
WHP128: "Looking at freedom"
WHP129: "Going home" (painterly version)
WHP130: "There they are"
WHP131: "There they are, II"
WHP132: "Gray Mare herd runs"
WHP133: "Gray mare cuts right"
WHP134: "Horse flame"
WHP135: "Amante's mane"
WH136: "Dreaming"
WH137: "Trot"
WHP138: "Shalah's run"
WHP139: "Cheekbone"
WHP140: "Two moms"
WH140: "Together"
WH141: "Horserise"
WHP142: "Chief in the field"
WHP143: "Chiaroscuro"
WHP144: "Victor"
WHM100: Wild one
WHM101: "Blue eyes"
WHM102: "Enjoying the green"
WHM103: "Sweet nothings"
WHM104: "Lean on me"
WHM105: "Who, me?!!"
WHM106: "Nip 'n tuck"
WHM107: "Nip 'n tuck II"
WHM108: "Wisdom"
WHM109: "Plain and simple"
WHM110: "It's all about the hair"
WHM111: "Grass is greener"
WHM112: "Cherish"
WHM113: "I am with you"
WHM114: "Sweetness"
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